• Image of Beautiful Scars Commemorative Book

Every scar tells a story…they are the signs of a life well lived. Ridley Shaw is in the twilight of his life. Born before 1900, he has lived through some extraordinary times in human history, and witnessed some of man’s greatest and worst moments, from the birth of the automobile to the horrors of WWI. And his long life has left him with scars, each of them a testament to these moments. In his English garden, Ridley sits down with his granddaughter, Maddie, and starts to tell her the stories of his scars, and those stories become the basis of a journey into both her grandfather’s past and the soaring heights of imagination, as she learns that scars are just one more way to hold on to a memory.

Your copy of "Beautiful Scars" will come with a special wrap around cover commemorating World War I. This exclusive design features Nightshade the Dragon in a fierce batthe with our hero, Ridley Shaw, in his RE8 biplane. The book is also signed by both creators with a special sketch inside and can be personalized (please specify names in the notes section during checkout).